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Solicitors Accounts Rules

All Solicitors who deal or handle client money are required to undergo a Solicitors Regulation Authority Accounts rules 2011 audit on an annual basis replacing the Solicitors' Accounts Rule (SAR) 1998. The SRA wants to make sure that client monies are safeguarded and that the law firm is compliant to SRA Accounts rules. Under the SRA authorisation rules, all firms must have a compliance officer for finance and administration who will have the same responsibility to that of the managers in ensuring that the firm is compliant to the SAR.


We have the specialist skills and expertise to audit Solicitors accounts. We work closely with our solicitors throughout the year to ensure that the law firm is ready for audit. We report to the Law society/ Solicitors regulator and the law firm's compliance to SRA Accounts rules and also reporting the outcome of the audit to the required partners of the firm. For a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us as our prices are very competitive.